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Children's Event 2018 - Wednesday 24th October

Our children’s activity morning was held during the half-term holiday week. That, and the warm sunshine, ensured a good turnout, and 21 youngsters and their parents took part in the Knolls Wood Tree Trail created by the Greensand Trust team.

Following numbered signs along the paths, the children had to identify the various trees and enter their names on a grid. Once they had found all ten, they could use the tree names to work out the puzzle at the end. They also enjoyed making ‘bird kebabs’, threading bread, cheese, apple and raisins on to wire to hang in Knolls Wood or their own gardens. There were leaf pictures to be coloured in as well.

Ages ranged from three to ten years old, so it was important to have something for everyone. Thanks go to all involved, especially to the mums and dads who joined in all the activities and helped to make it a really enjoyable morning.

Children's Event 2017 - Wednesday 25th September

We were lucky with the weather for this year’s children’s event – it was dry, sunny and very warm. That may be partly the reason for the high turnout, with 21 youngsters, from five to twelve years old, coming along to learn a bit about nature in Knolls Wood.

There were three activities: they were given a map of the wood, showing the trail to follow, plus a sheet with pictures of eight different leaves and the names of the trees they came from. The aim was to find those leaves in the wood and stick them on the pictures. Afterwards there were leaf pictures to colour in and take home. The second trail was marked with photos of birds that are commonly found in Knolls Wood. The children had to find them and identify the birds. Not as easy as it sounds because only a part was shown, not the whole bird. Of course, there were prizes for all, plus refreshments.

Afterwards they made ‘bug hotels’ – ordinary food tins packed tightly with bamboo twigs, which are hollow and so make ideal habitats for insects. The children took these home to hang in their gardens and they will check from time to time to see what has taken up residence.

The Friends organise this event every year, usually in the autumn half-term week, and it’s always gratifying to see how much the children enjoy it.

Children's Event 2016 - Thursday 27th October 

It was lovely to see lots of children attend our Activity day on Thursday.  Lots of Bug Hotels were built and hung around the woods, along with Stickmen.  The children also enjoyed Leaf Bingo.  The weather was good and both adults and children enjoyed themselves.

Children’s event 2015 - Build-a-Bug & Bug trail

This year the children’s event was held in the school half-term week. The day started wet but luckily brightened up as the youngsters arrived, ready to build their own bugs. Using coloured pipe cleaners, fluffy balls and even clothes pegs, they made an assortment of caterpillars and wasps, adding wings, antennae and eyes as the finishing touch (see the photo).

Then the children went on a bug trail in Knolls Wood, looking for photos pinned on the tree trunks and trying to identify which insect was shown in the picture. As the photos were close-ups of just a small part of the insects, it wasn’t that easy. The morning ended with refreshments for all.

Thanks go to Gary (Greensand Trust), who organised the activities, brought along the materials and, most important, gave the Friends a quick training session on bug making.

Children's event 2014 and the installation of an owl box

This year’s activity for children, organised by the Greensand Trust and the Friends, was to make bird boxes for Knolls Wood. Despite a rainy morning, around 20 youngsters turned up with their parents to construct the boxes, which were supplied as flat packs with all necessary nails and screws. Under the shelter of gazebos the young people hammered away enthusiastically, taking about 15 minutes to complete each box. The last thing was to write their name on the underside so they will be able to recognise their own box once it is put up on a tree in the wood.

Gary Peach of the Trust supplied the boxes, plus gloves, hammers and screwdrivers, and the Friends provided workbenches and refreshments for the workers. Once their boxes were finished, the children went on a woodland bird trail to identify the birds shown in pictures pinned up on the trees.  Nineteen boxes were built, so it was a very productive session, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Children's Event - Sunday, 22 September 2013

Photo's from Sunday's Children event...

Children's workshop - September 2011

On 11 September the Friends and the Greensand Trust held a workshop for young people to make bat boxes for Knolls Wood. Kits consisting of pre-cut panels, nails and screws were supplied by the GST and a dozen or so youngsters wielded hammers and screwdrivers to assemble 15 boxes with the help of committee members (at some risk to their fingers!). Everyone was pleased with the results and each child wrote their name on the box they had made so they can locate them once the boxes are fixed to trees. They look like bird boxes, but without the entry hole – the bats will squeeze through a small gap between the sides, just large enough for them but too small for bluetits etc.

Afterwards the children made black bat finger puppets to take home.


Children's event - September 2010

Another great day for the kids with the Bug Lab Tour working its magic!

Children's event - September 2009

The Friends of Knolls Wood and The Greensand Trust held another successful children's event on 13th September. We joined up to part of the “Bug Lab Tour 2009” which were held all over Leighton Buzzard through the summer. This gave the children an opportunity to go bug hunting in the wood, armed with a net and some pots to capture their bugs the
children were soon bringing back plenty of finds to have a closer look at under the microscopes. They also got a chance to make their own “Junk Bugs” where they could let their imagination run wild and come up with their own design of bug, make it out of bits
of cardboard, plastic and other odds and ends and take it home.The Bug Lab Tour 2008  

The Bug Lab Tour 2008

We were fortunate to have sunny weather for our Children’s Event on 14 September. More than twenty youngsters turned up with their parents for a ‘bug hunt’ and, armed with nets and jars, set off into the undergrowth in search of creepy crawlies. They returned with a variety of insects and other creatures – spiders, beetles, millipedes, snails, and even a toad – which they examined under a microscope or through a magnifying glass. Seeing them close up caused great excitement. Afterwards the children made their own favourite bugs out of cardboard and pipe cleaners, and everyone received a special Bug Hunter certificate when they went home. Thanks go to John Creasey of the Greensand Trust for organising the event and providing the equipment and bug-making materials.

Working with Marvellous Maps 2008

This event, organised by Erica Pratt of the Greensand Trust at Dovery Down School, was a successful example of a local partnership project with the P3 (Parish paths partnership) initiative, 
the Friends of Knolls Wood and the Greensand Trust. The year 4 pupils had lots of fun in the 
process! Over two separate days, they learnt about types of maps, and used maps to look closely at 
the local environment, the school grounds, Knolls Wood and the Ouzel Valley.

  • The objectives were to help pupils understand the changes that are occurring in their local 
environment and involve them in the planning process
  • To raise awareness of the local environment and encourage ownership in young people
  • To raise awareness of the local rights of way and to encourage children to use them with 
their families
  • To help pupils acquire the geographical skills of map reading and investigation;
  • To explain and promote local distinctiveness to young people
  • To strengthen links between the school, parish council and other groups in the community

Bird boxes & finger puppets 2007

On September 16th local children turned up for an afternoon of making bird boxes, bird feeders and finger puppets under the guidance of John Creasey, our Greensand Trust Ranger. John was assisted by members of the committee who, after a bit of training, helped the youngsters with hammering in nails to construct the boxes, and drilling holes in plastic tennis ball tubes for the bird feeders – a creative way of recycling them! The younger children were kept busy cutting bat shapes from black paper to make finger puppets.

The children wrote their names on the wooden bird boxes they helped to make, and these will be put on trees in Knolls Wood, ready for nesting time in the spring. The warm sunshine and refreshments provided by the Friends helped to make it a very enjoyable afternoon for everyone. Thanks go to John for supplying the materials and the ideas.


Knolls Wood Association (KWA) logo painting Competition 2006

The KWA committee organised a painting competition, open to children at Dovery Down and Heathwood Lower schools, for a new KWA logo. We sought sponsorship from local businesses and are very grateful to the following for their sponsorship:

 Nationwide Building Society  S.L. George Printers
 Wilkinson Estate Agents Bed and Pine Centre
 Kings Road fashions  Motor Care
 Coffee Gap  The Red Lion
 Redwood Communications Solutions  Nicholas Prestige Homes
 D King Opticians  Carters Estate Agents
 Delta Management Services