Previous updates from 2009

Last work day of 2009 - 15 November

The Friends were fortunate to have chosen the one calm, sunny day in a spell of wild autumn weather for the last work day in Knolls Wood. The objective was to complete the list of tasks drawn up at the start of the year, and there was a good turnout of committee members and volunteers to help with this. In the Autumn/Winter newsletter a request went out for any beech saplings people might have in their gardens. The donations were gratefully received and were planted along the beech avenue off Redwood Glade, replacing some earlier saplings that had been damaged

Another task was to reduce the wide gap in the hedge at the Sandy Lane entrance by planting holly. This was hard work as some old, broken fence posts had to be dug out first.A more precarious job, requiring a ladder and a head for heights, was to clean out the nestboxes ready for the spring. All had been occupied this year, mostly by bluetits.  A few volunteers carried out the usual litter pick, and while smaller items were probably buried under the newly fallen leaves, a fair number of bottles and drink cans were retrieved.  Drinks and biscuits were very welcome after a couple of hours' steady work. The work days have certainly been successful this year – much has been achieved and the Friends are very grateful to all those volunteers who have given their time to help.

Children's event - 13 September

We had another very successful children's event based around the bug lab tour - click here for the report.

Summer work in the woods - 21 June 

The second work day in the woods took place on 21st June and around 20 people – committee members and volunteers – turned up to tidy up Monkey Puzzle Avenue. John Creasey (Greensand Trust) mowed the verges and helpers raked up the nettles, ivy etc and rolled the bundles away into the undergrowth. It was heavy work, partly because the verges were overgrown, and also because it was a hot day. However, with plenty of willing hands the job was done in under three hours (including tea break).

Afterwards there was a barbecue in Redwood Glade and more friends and neighbours joined us. In all, about 30 people spent a few pleasant hours in the afternoon sunshine. The day was deemed a great success, and the Friends were delighted to have so much support. Thanks to all, and please note the next work party will be on 15 November.


11 March - After the snow, the drops

There's always something special in the woods - now's the time for snow drops

Work party - 8 March

This was the first work day of the year, postponed from February on account of the snow. By contrast, Sunday morning was sunny, at least to start with. This time the team worked mainly on the paths in Redwood Glade and at the entrance, which had become very overgrown. There was plenty to do, pruning back bushes and scraping moss and weeds back to the original edges of the paths. However, there was a good turnout of volunteers, eleven in all, so the work was finished in less than two hours, with all necessary tools provided by the Greensand Trust.   Afterwards the team planted some hazel and hawthorn whips in the open glade at the southern end of Knolls Wood, by which time the weather had changed, it poured with rain and the work was completed in a hurry. 

Watch out for details of the next work day on the events calendar.

8 February - Working party white off!

Not suprisingly the February working party was cancelled as a result of the snow.

               Photos by Jack Owens