Latest News 2018

Volunteer Session - Sunday 24th June 2018.

Thank you to Gary and John, Greensand Trust Rangers, for cutting back the pathways this week. The volunteers worked hard raking back the grass cuttings into the woodland and litter picking was completed.

Thank you to the new faces and familiar faces at the working party today. Weather was good, lots of banter and work completed. Thank you to everyone - an enjoyable morning. Well done everyone and apologies if missed you off the photos.

Volunteer Session - Sunday 28th January 2018

Thank you to the volunteers who turned up on Sunday - and at the mid-week sessions - for their hard work.  Lots of work was completed on the lower pathway and Monkey Puzzle Walk.

Thank You to Waitrose

Thank you to Waitrose for the £360 we have received after being chosen for your Community Matters scheme in November.
Thank you to everybody who donated their green tokens to us. Fundraising is not easy for a small group of volunteers like us and the money will be a very helpful contribution to our work programme for the next year.
From The Friends of Knolls Wood