Latest News 2018

Volunteer Session - Sunday 18th November 2018

We had lovely weather for the last session of the year, and a good number of helpers came out. We continued with clearing holly trees from the lower path and are now roughly half way along. In a couple of hours we removed a lot of holly saplings and so opened up a grove on either side of the path. Occasionally someone asks why we cut down healthy trees, and the reason is that they are often sycamore or holly that seed themselves in clusters around the old trees of the original plantation. Removing them opens up the canopy and lets more light into the wood, and this is especially beneficial to the younger trees that we have planted in recent years.

As usual, Gary, Philip and the chipper disposed of everything in no time.

Children’s Activity - Wednesday 24th October 2018

Our children’s activity morning was held during the half-term holiday week. That, and the warm sunshine, ensured a good turnout, and 21 youngsters and their parents took part in the Knolls Wood Tree Trail created by the Greensand Trust team.

Following numbered signs along the paths, the children had to identify the various trees and enter their names on a grid. Once they had found all ten, they could use the tree names to work out the puzzle at the end. They also enjoyed making ‘bird kebabs’, threading bread, cheese, apple and raisins on to wire to hang in Knolls Wood or their own gardens. There were leaf pictures to be coloured in as well.

Ages ranged from three to ten years old, so it was important to have something for everyone. Thanks go to all involved, especially to the mums and dads who joined in all the activities and helped to make it a really enjoyable morning.

September volunteer session

Around a dozen Friends and volunteers turn out on Sunday 8th to continue the task of removing invasive holly trees, and there are many of these in Knolls Wood, often crowded around the mature trees. This time the team concentrated on two areas next to the lower path, creating two glades and thereby letting more light into the wood. It was a very productive morning with several largish hollies cut down and fed through the Greensand chipper. The pile of chippings will be put to use in the usual way in areas where footpaths tend to get boggy.

It’s pleasing to see that after the mowing and raking along Monkey Puzzle avenue carried out earlier this year grass is growing on the verges alongside the path and looking quite lush despite the dry summer.

As ever, we are grateful to Gary for leading the work and also for providing drinks.

Volunteer Session - Sunday 28th January 2018

Thank you to the volunteers who turned up on Sunday - and at the mid-week sessions - for their hard work.  Lots of work was completed on the lower pathway and Monkey Puzzle Walk.

Thank You to Waitrose

Thank you to Waitrose for the £360 we have received after being chosen for your Community Matters scheme in November.
Thank you to everybody who donated their green tokens to us. Fundraising is not easy for a small group of volunteers like us and the money will be a very helpful contribution to our work programme for the next year.
From The Friends of Knolls Wood