Previous updates from 2014

Children's event 2014 and the installation of an owl box

This year’s activity for children, organised by the Greensand Trust and the Friends, was to make bird boxes for Knolls Wood. Despite a rainy morning, around 20 youngsters turned up with their parents to construct the boxes, which were supplied as flat packs with all necessary nails and screws. Under the shelter of gazebos the young people hammered away enthusiastically, taking about 15 minutes to complete each box. The last thing was to write their name on the underside so they will be able to recognise their own box once it is put up on a tree in the wood.

Gary Peach of the Trust supplied the boxes, plus gloves, hammers and screwdrivers, and the Friends provided workbenches and refreshments for the workers. Once their boxes were finished, the children went on a woodland bird trail to identify the birds shown in pictures pinned up on the trees.  Nineteen boxes were built, so it was a very productive session, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Creating bee friendly habitats across Leighton Buzzard to save our Bees


Bee and butterfly numbers are really falling to loss of habitat and pesticides, however thanks to the generous support of Leighton Linslade Town Council we are able to create bee habitats not just in our gardens but across the town on council land; transforming Leighton Buzzard into an attractive bee and butterfly friendly town.

An hour of your time to help with digging and planting could really help the bees

and butterflies and hedgehogs …

See the dates for planting; These times are when we are present , Do feel free to turn up for just part of the time. An hour of your time would make all the difference to helping bees . If you are coming do ring or text Victoria on the day 07815817108 or close to the day , just to check if there are any changes to the schedule due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. Do check our website.

Bluebells abound...

New notice board

In April a new notice board was installed at the south entrance to Knolls Wood, replacing the old South Beds Council sign. Like the one at the Sandy Lane entrance, the new board displays a map of the wood, information about the activities of the Friends and items of interest about plants and local wildlife.

The board was constructed by Friends member Frank and put in place with the help of GST ranger Bob. It was funded partly by Central Bedfordshire Council and partly by donations to the Friends.

In your back garden

Photos of two muntjac deer taken by Maggie Cook from her bedroom window in Redwood Glade with a Nikon D80 fitted with a Sigma 500mm lens. They are also known as Barking deer, and are the oldest known deer, thought to have begun appearing 15–35 million years ago.

FoKW Work Party - 2 March 2014

Eight FoKW volunteers enjoyed fine dry weather for today’s work party. The main tasks were the removal of the old sign posts at the Plantation Road entrance to the wood, in preparation for our new board, and the planting of an Oak tree in the clearing where the Silver Birch was taken down last month.In addition, two more dead and dying trees were felled and pathways were cleared of holly and brambles.The usual litter pick was carried out and all tasks were completed before the rain.

The committee will be meeting later in the month to discuss the purchase of a suitable Cedar tree sapling which is planned for the area where today’s Oak was planted.

FoKW Work Party - 2 February 2014

The February work party was blessed with fine sunny weather. Seven doughty volunteers worked hard under the direction of Ranger Bob and his assistant Philip. The main aim of the morning was to prepare the ground in a southern part of the wood for planting three new saplings. The first task of the morning, however, was to deal with a Birch tree which had come down in the recent stormy weather. After it had been sawn up and safely stacked, the task of cutting back Laurel, Holly and Brambles began. The other main task that morning was to install three new bird boxes to replace those which had broken up in the autumn. Finally, some old fence posts (perfect for recycling) were removed from Monkey Puzzle Avenue. Ranger Bob will return in the coming weeks with his brushcutter to complete the job of clearing stubborn brambles so that tree planting can be carried out in a month’s time.