Previous updates from 2011

Autumn working party - 13th Nov

On the 13th November a group of volunteers met for the last work party in the woods of this year. The task was to pull out the clumps of brambles at the northern end to clear the area where bluebells grow in the spring. It was a tough, prickly job, but with 15 people helping, a couple of hours’ work made a big difference. Litter was collected throughout the woods as usual and tools and equipment were provided by the Greensand Trust.

To the Bat boxes!

The bat boxes are now up and waiting for residents, thanks to John, Frank, Joan and Peter for their assistance.

Work Party and BBQ - 10th July

Work Day - 6th March

The first work day in the wood took place on Sunday 6 March. Despite a smaller turnout than usual, the team planted 24 Scots pines in the strip of woodland between Redwood Glade and Plantation Road. The original trees are reaching the end of their life (planted in the mid 19th century), and several have been felled recently for safety reasons. The volunteers also cleared a path in the main wood below Monkey Puzzle Avenue that had become overgrown and muddy.

The litter pickers gathered up a large number of vodka bottles, and not for the first time. In fact, well over a hundred have been collected during the past year!

We were led as usual by John Creasey of the Greensand Trust, who provided the new trees.

Although we call it a work day, in fact the tasks John suggests only take up a couple of hours at most, so do consider coming to join us.