Previous updates from 2016

Volunteer Session - Sunday 20th November 2016

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who turned out yesterday and gave their time to help maintain the woods. The weather was much better than forecast.  Lots of holly has been removed and mulch was placed around the base of the young trees. In the next few weeks we will have a chipper in the woods to remove all the holly taken down.

Thank you and well done to everyone.

Children's Activity Event - Thursday 27th October 2016

It was lovely to see lots of children attend our Activity day on Thursday.  Lots of Bug Hotels were built and hung around the woods, along with Stickmen.  The children also enjoyed Leaf Bingo.  The weather was good and both adults and children enjoyed themselves.

Children's Event planned

We are planning some fun family activities on Thursday 27th October 2016. Drop in any time between 11am and 1pm

The latest Knolls Wood Survey

Shadowing a Greensands Trust Ranger

Volunteering isn't something everyone decides to do when they visit home but then not everyone has a brother who is a Ranger for the Greensands trust. The Ranger in question, Gary Peach has been working for the Greensands trust for 5 years and I love to hear him tell tales of work and what he has been up to. So whilst I was home in August I decided to volunteer my services to him and help out for a week to see first hand what it's like to shadow a ranger

Firstly let me tell you that the area the trust looks after is huge! From woods to meadows and all in between. The area ranges from Tiddenfoot Pit in Linslade to Rushmere Park in Leighton Buzzard and Apsley woods in Woburn. All of this area needs to be managed and looked after. Whilst volunteering with Gary we did a range of tasks. On the first day we did some measuring of the areas by Vimy road for planting wild flowers which the volunteers had been clearing and looking after. We then went up to Linslade woods to clear a fallen tree which had covered one of the path- ways. Followed by an afternoon of checking the throw lines at Tiddenfoot pit whilst also doing a litter pick . A lot of walking and physical work. In total I volunteered for four days and it was great to be outside and felt really rewarding. 

Driving around with Gary I noticed that he had a lot of land to cover and that also a lot of the local people knew who he was and that they had a lot of respect for him and his role. We continued to do lots of jobs around the Leighton Buzzard area from path clearing in woods for walkers, cyclists and horse riders and general maintenance of walk ways and countryside. One of the tasks Gary does that is not so fulfilling is pulling trolleys and litter and dumped belongings from the river Ouzel. It's unbelievable that people do this and that time has to be taken to clear up other's mess, but its thanks to Gary, wardens and volunteers like him that they do clear up these areas so the rest of us can enjoy them. When fishing out a trolley on the day I was with him it was lovely to see two young boys with their dad asking about what Gary was doing and why the trolley was there. Once Gary had pulled it out they cheered him and said ‘Well done trolley man!’ which made the job more enjoyable. It was a great experience to volunteer for the trust, and obviously great to do it with my brother. If you fancy joining in and volunteering for the trust I can guarantee you will meet a great team of people and be helping keep these lovely places beautiful.

Volunteer Session - 11th September 

Sunday was a beautiful day and some great work was completed. Lots of Holly and Laurel were removed that had been obstructing pathways. The chippings were then spread over the pathways that get muddy. A big thank you to all the Volunteers who gave up their valuable spare time to help. It was greatly appreciated.

It would be lovely to see new faces at these sessions. It is amazing what a difference you can make in just one hour. We will post the date of the next working party on here and Facebook and hopefully see you there.

Volunteer session - 19th June

Around a dozen helpers turned out to clear the verges along Monkey Puzzle Avenue which had been strimmed by Gary (GST) during the previous week. Raking away the fallen nettles and brambles encourages grass to grow and, hopefully, wild flowers too. At the south end of the wood, in the patch adjoining Redwood Glade, there are large clumps of Herb Robert and Willowherb that have grown up now the nettles have been cleared.

As well as raking the verges, the volunteers also cut back some of the laurel and rhododendron that was overhanging the path. It was warm work, but much was achieved in a couple of hours. Even so, the Friends would welcome some new faces at these sessions, so if you can spare some time on Sunday 11 September, we’d be very happy to see you (10 am at the Sandy Lane noticeboard).

Spring is finally in the air

Volunteer Session - Sunday 31st January 

The volunteers worked hard this morning but it was pretty wet and horrid.  However, much was achieved - we cleared the path leading from Redwood Glade to Sandy Lane as well as lots of holly from around young monkey puzzle trees which were getting rather overwhelmed.

A couple of pics in the rain, including Claire, Gary and one Clive's sons with Boris the dog!


First snow in the woods - January