Previous news from 2013

Work Party - Sunday, 24 November

The October work party, cancelled because of wet weather, went ahead today on a dry, though cold, November day. A cheery bunch of Knolls Wood volunteers met to carry out a number of tasks. Firstly the nettles along Monkey Puzzle Avenue were cut back and the rhododendron bushes pruned vigorously to encourage flowering next May. Then there was the job of checking and cleaning out the bird boxes throughout the wood, all built during one of our Children’s Events three years ago. It was pleasing to see that every bird box had been used; sadly the number of boxes has been reduced to six through storm damage or tree felling, so the committee is planning to replace them. Finally, the usual litter-picking was carried out and the team went home ready for Sunday lunch!

Children's Event - Sunday, 22 September

Photo's from Sunday's Children event...

Work Party - Sunday, 21 July

The July work party saw a good turnout of committee members and local residents. Their first task was to decide on the position of the proposed new noticeboard, which the Friends are planning to install at the southern entrance to the wood, opposite Taylors Ride. Visitors to Knolls Wood will certainly have admired the new board at the Sandy Lane entrance, with information regularly updated by the committee.

After that, the main jobs for the day were to cut down and clear the verges of Monkey Puzzle avenue, to prune back overhanging branches from other footpaths, mostly holly and rhododendron, and to break up some of the large piles of debris from previous work parties and scatter them in the undergrowth. With a dozen or so helpers, and the heavy duty motor flail operated by Bob Holland of the Greensand Trust, the work was finished in a couple of hours.

The Friends are very grateful to residents who come to lend a hand - it really makes a difference. The next work party takes place on Sunday 13 October, when the plan is to plant saplings to fill in some of the gaps left by the removal of dangerous trees a few months ago.

February work party

The first task for 2013 was to clear an area at the southern end of Knolls Wood that had become overgrown with brambles, ivy and saplings. When the houses in Redwood Glade were built back in the early 1970s, this was an open grassy space, which was pretty with snowdrops and daffodils in the spring.

A dozen or so volunteers turned out to hack back the vegetation, and with the help of Bob Holland (from the Greensand Trust) and his wonderful new mower–mulcher machine, the area was cleared in a short time. Unwanted alder saplings were cut down and the branches chewed up and mulched, together with the brambles. Everyone was surprised at how large the cleared area was. The hope is that grass will grow again there, and the Friends plan to plant a few ‘exotic’ trees, in keeping with the rest of the plantation. This will be done towards the end of the year, as autumn is the best time for planting.  

Snow, fences, stumps and felling!

Some photos of the woods in the recent wintery weather, including some of the tree felling.  Up to 29 trees were removed by contractors working for Central Bedfordshire Council. All of the trees removed were either dead, dying  or were a danger to people in the woods. The contractors took great care not to damage other trees and showed amazing skill in "disassembling" the old trees.